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Engineering and Design

  Roessing Montgomery has expert engineers and bending specialists to help design your prototype or production parts.

  We design all specialty tools and fixtures required to provide the required bends. Several hundred dies of different radii and pipe size are available for immediate use.

Custom Bent Pipe and Tube


  Roessing Montgomery has a written quality control manual with procedures covering all phases of manufacturing, from employee training to final inspection of our products.

  All RMCO personnel have the authority and organizational freedom to identify quality problems and initiate action to prevent occurrence of nonconforming work.

  Quality Assurance personnel report directly to the president and have the authority to stop manufacturing of any job not meeting RMCO and customer quality standards.

  The Roessing Montgomery Company is audited yearly by an independent source.

Major Equipment and Capacity

2 - Wallace #500 Benders - 4" pipe capacity with 60' bed

2 - Wallace #550 Benders - 2" pipe capacity

1- Coiler - 4" Pipe Capacity - unlimited radius

1 - 20' x 15' Hot Bending Table

1 - Hot Bending Furnace - up to 12" pipe capacity

~400 - Bending Dies for various pipe sizes and radi

7 1/2 and two 5 ton overhead cranes

  Roessing Montgomery can cold bend from 3/16" OD to 4" pipe. We can form pipe in either flat or helical coils in sizes thru 4". Hot bending of carbon and low alloy pipe in sizes through 12" is routine in our shop.

We can bend a variety of materials including carbon, chrome-moly, stainless steels, copper, copper-nickel, inconel and monel alloys.

  We have ASME Sect IX qualified welding procedures and welders to weld materials as required. Roessing Montgomery can also bevel or thread pipe ends when specified.

Custom Tube Fabrication


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